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About Sarah

About Sarah:

I’m Sarah, peaceful parenting coach and mom of 3 big kids (13, 16, and 19).

My husband and I have a great relationship with our kids. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They are independent, respectful, kind, funny and self-motivated. 

How did we get here? Peaceful parenting


Peaceful Parenting Is:

Peaceful parenting is an approach that uses kind, firm limits with lots of empathy. We’re in charge but we give kids the support they need to meet our expectations. We emphasize connection and prioritize our relationship with our kids. 

Because guess what? Our relationship is the most effective way we can influence our kids. 

Why Your Relationship Matters

When my oldest son was in his middle teen years, he told me that many of his friends ignored their parents’ phone calls and texts, and went home late, if at all.

He said, “You’re lucky I care what you and Dad think.”

He is right.

‘Kids who care what you think’ is 90% of the equation for raising great kids you want to spend time with (and who want to spend time with you!)


How I Can Help You Get There:

My job is to give you the peaceful parenting tools and strategies and you need to know and the love and support you need to implement them.

Whether you’re being driven around the bend by kids who don’t listen until you yell, or feel like getting anyone to do anything is like pulling teeth, you are in the right place. 

It is possible to enjoy your kids again and be the parent you want to be. 


Peaceful Parenting Manifesto

  • We calm ourselves so we can respond to the situation rather than react from anger.
  • We make time every day to connect with and delight in our children.
  • We set kind and firm limits with our children and scaffold them when they can’t manage.
  • We empathize with our children’s feelings and welcome them.
  • When all else fails we remember empathy and connection.
  • When we fall down, we forgive ourselves and know that tomorrow is another day.


Sarah’s positive attitude and concrete suggestions have helped turn around our morning routine. My kids are now cooperating rather than resisting getting ready for the day.
Thanks Sarah!!!  You’re the best!!!  
- Amanda, mother 2

Sarah was instrumental in helping me navigate the first years of motherhood.  She has the expertise based on education and wide-ranging research, but she also has a big heart and a lot of empathy.  
She really listened to my concerns and directed me toward practical solutions. And while she helped me address many everyday issues – sleep, behaviour, eating -one of the biggest gifts she gave me was to help me better understand who my children are and what I can do help them – and myself – thrive.
-Willow, mother of 2

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