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In this episode, Samantha, mom of two boys aged four and five, shares her journey of transitioning from traditional parenting approaches to Peaceful Parenting. She talks about how she struggles with her older son, who is more intense and requires a different approach. 

Samantha talks about how hard it is for her to handle noise, conflict, sibling rivalry, and more. 

We cover:

  • [4:10] Samantha’s trigger around ‘noise’
  • [7:30] Handling rejection and being sensitive to language
  • [11:30] The difference between being sad and feeling sad
  • [13:25] Sensory processing challenges
  • [17:15] Navigating sibling rivalry alongside my online course
  • [22:20] Letting kids cry and encouraging tears 
  • [26:20] Biting during meltdowns and tips to navigate them
  • [30:40] Using friends at school as teaching moments
  • [31:55] ‘Twice exceptional’ kids
  • [37:10] 3 week check in
  • [42:20] Major epiphanies Samantha has had
  • [47:20] Strategies to find self compassion

      Episode #102: Coaching with Samantha: Parenting Struggles with A Sensitive, Intense Child

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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