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In this episode, Lawrence Cohen joins me on the show to talk about how play and roughhousing can help you in your parenting.

We talk about everything from why we need to be playful, to aggression, to calming our kids down, and incorporating more fun and play into our days.

Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD, is a psychologist and the author of Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry. His newest book is Unplug and Play: The Illustrated Guide to Roughhousing with Your Kids, co-authored with Anthony Debenedet.

We cover:

  • [5:50] How Lawrence got into this work, and about his new book
  • [6:45] The importance of roughhousing 
  • [8:15] How Lawrence became a more playful parent
  • [11:15] Advice for parents who shy away from roughhousing and play
  • [19:20] Having ‘personal agency’
  • [21:20] Building self-determination of risk
  • [25:45] The Knot of Tension concept
  • [28:50] Handing unsavory behavior when it comes to play
  • [35:00] Responding to aggression with playfulness
  • [41:10] When ‘play’ turns aggressive 
  • [45:50] Tips for getting play to stop
  • [49:35] What to do when your kid swears 
  • [54:20] Lawrence’s advice to his younger parent self

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