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In this episode, Linda Murphy joins me to discuss how to develop better communication between kids and parents.

Linda is a speech language pathologist and RDI® Consultant. She co-founded Peer Projects Therapy From the Heart, a clinic in Beverly, MA dedicated to helping kids and families by using a positive, thoughtful communication style that emphasizes understanding, patience, respect, and kindness. Linda has been working with individuals with social learning differences for over 25 years. 

We cover:

  • [3:15] How Linda got into this work
  • [4:40] What is declarative language
  • [10:40] What happens when a person is given a command
  • [14:55] Different strategies for kids who are rigid thinkers
  • [18:35] Giving kids processing time
  • [20:50] The balance between alternative thinking vs. giving kids notice of things changing
  • [25:30] Acknowledging the ‘communication dance’
  • [28:40] Strategies for modeling ‘black and white thinking’ 
  • [32:05] Voicing your moments of flexibility to help your kids
  • [34:00] What we can do as parents to help our kids to not be afraid of making mistakes
  • [38:55] Examples of declarative language vs. imperative language
  • [45:00] Advice to her younger parent self

She leads trainings on the topic of social learning, has authored Declarative Language Handbook, Co-Regulation Handbook, numerous articles, and co-authored the book Social Thinking and Me with Michelle Garcia Winner. Linda lives north of Boston with her husband and their two busy lovable boys.

      Episode #108: How to Develop Better Communication with Your Kids with Linda Murphy

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