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In this episode, Emma Nadler joins me to talk about building compassionate relationships and community, especially as parents.

Emma Nadler is an author, speaker, and psychotherapist. In her private practice, she helps people better understand and tolerate emotions, build deeper relationships, and find meaning in life’s challenges. She is passionate about transforming her own experiences as a parent of a child with disabilities into empathy, compassion, humor, and stories. 

Her memoir, The Unlikely Village of Eden, is about learning to adapt and accept when life doesn’t go to plan, redefining community, and creating your own imperfect path.

We cover:

  • [4:35] What her book is about
  • [5:40] Bucking cultural norms
  • [9:50] Feeling of perfection and the expectations we have of parenthood
  • [13:10] Advice for parents that feel like they’re a failure
  • [14:45] Listening to each other with compassion
  • [17:30] Saying yes to people who are wanting to give connection
  • [22:00] Advice for parents who feel they do not have a community
  • [24:30] Building and using community
  • [30:30] Her own personal grief journey
  • [34:00] What helps Emma in the moments of being hard on herself for not being “perfect”
  • [38:00] Advice to her younger self

      Episode #109: Building Community and The Unlikely Village of Eden with Emma Nadler

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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