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In this episode, Rachel Harrington and Jessica Hill join me to talk about all things sensory processing disorder.

Rachel, COTA/L, AC and Jessica, COTA/L are two passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants and the hosts of the popular podcast, All Things Sensory. Their podcast, digital courses, YouTube, and blog on Harkla.co covers topics related to sensory processing disorder, special needs, parenting, and topics related to child development and health. 

We cover:

  • [4:00] Who Rachel and Jessica are
  • [6:15] What is sensory processing disorder?
  • [8:15] Our 3 hidden senses
  • [11:20] Sensory challenges that come with going to the bathroom
  • [13:35] Triggers with taking a bath 
  • [16:11] Common triggers you may not know are sensory challenges
  • [17:45] Oral seeking
  • [19:15] Picky eating
  • [26:30] Sensory integration and OT evaluation
  • [29:30] Adopting a sensory diet
  • [34:20] Noticing what your child needs
  • [37:30] Tips for parents who struggle getting kids dressed
  • [41:50] Knowing this isn’t a choice your kids are making
  • [45:05] Advice to their younger parent selves

With over 9 years of clinical experience, Rachel and Jessica are on a mission to help parents, educators, and therapists raise strong and confident children, no matter their abilities. They are passionate about taking clinical topics (such as Sensory Processing Disorder, primitive reflexes, sensory diets, and more) and breaking them down in a way that is actionable for anyone to benefit from.

      Episode #122: All Things Sensory Processing Disorder with Rachel Harrington and Jessica Hill

      Download the episode transcript HERE

      Resources mentioned in this episode:

      Connect with Rachel and Jessica

      Connect with Sarah Rosensweet  

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