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In this episode, Corey and I explore a wide range of topics and challenges that parents frequently encounter on their journey towards becoming Peaceful Parents. Sometimes parents find that peaceful parenting doesn’t “work” like they think it’s “supposed to” work and then they feel like they’re doing it wrong or worry that peaceful parenting isn’t for them. This is probably because they have a kiddo who is more complex than the typical kiddo– and it’s why we are on a mission to reimagine peaceful parenting. 

We talk about the nuances from parent to parent, and kid to kid, when it comes to peaceful parenting strategies and techniques. For example, we talk about the differences in special time, connecting with our kids in different ways as well as finding different tools and strategies to help them to process their emotions.

Ultimately, we want you and your child to be on the same team. To help even more with this, we’re putting on a Summit to help you and your kids flourish. 

We cover:

  • [1:20] When you feel like you’re doing Peaceful Parenting “wrong”
  • [3:00] What you will gain from our upcoming Summit
  • [4:20] How ‘Special Time’ looks different between each parent and child relationship, and what to do about it
  • [7:20] Connecting with your child aside from special time
  • [11:55] How to help our kids process emotions, aside from emptying the emotional backpack
  • [15:55] Connecting with your child when they’re being defiant
  • [18:25] Making sure you and your child are on the same team
  • [20:00] Feeding and division of responsibility 
  • [28:50] Our upcoming rebrand
  • [34:30] Opening the doors to our membership

      Episode #124: When Peaceful Parenting Doesn’t Look Like It’s “Supposed To” Look with Sarah and Corey

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