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Today’s episode is a guest coaching episode with Yael. You may remember Yael from a few years ago as she was on the podcast before, and she’s back talking about her complex kiddo, Rowan.

In this episode, we’re trying to find a way for him to feel supported at school, how to get his teachers on board, as well as some strategies for her to support herself. If you stick around to the end, you will hear her update on how things went with him.

We cover:

  • [2:15] Yael’s background and a re-introduction to her son
  • [4:30] A recap of what we covered in our first episode
  • [6:40] Getting Rowan assessed
  • [8:55] The current challenges: Rowan not wanting to participate at school
  • [13:30] How to ask teachers for support of our kids
  • [20:00] Looking at different school options
  • [21:50] Finding a mantra to soothe anxiety
  • [26:15] Filling the gaps in learning
  • [31:35] Putting our kids in the driver’s seat and encouraging autonomy 
  • [37:40] Strategies for self regulation
  • [45:05] Check-in after a few weeks
  • [53:20] Giving Rowan breaks from school

        Episode #127: Coaching with Yael: Supporting Kids Who Are Having a Tough Time at School

        Download the episode transcript HERE

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