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In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I bring back one of my favorite holiday episodes, which is an interview with my kids, where we talk about ‘people, not stuff’.

I know many parents are concerned that their children might become materialistic due to the abundance of gifts they receive during the holiday season, which is why I highlight the importance of showing kids that there’s more to life than possessions. 

We talk about why it’s normal for children to desire many things, and how to remind them that we can welcome their feelings without necessarily fulfilling all their materialistic desires.

We cover:

  • [1:05] Discussion on Kids Wanting More Stuff
  • [2:13] Raising Non-Materialistic Kids
  • [2:19] Acknowledging Financial Privilege
  • [4:33] Addressing Parents’ Fears about Kids Wanting Stuff
  • [8:50] Encouraging Kids to Give Presents
  • [10:06] Parents’ Role in Reducing Materialism
  • [16:46] Kids’ Excitement and Gratitude for Presents
  • [24:06] Changing Values with Age
  • [26:10] Influence of Parenting on Materialism
  • [27:10] Importance of Anticipation in Celebrations
  • [27:56] Advice for Parents on Materialism
  • [28:47] Reflections on Childhood and Consumerism
  • [30:14] Transition from Wanting to Appreciating
  • [37:12] Understanding Gratitude and Privilege

      Episode #133: Kids, Materialism, and the Peaceful Parenting Approach

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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