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In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I sit down with Melanie for a coaching episode.

Melanie is a mom of two spirited boys – Ben and Eamon. We talk about the challenges Melanie is facing, from managing often intense energy levels and instances of aggression to understanding strong emotions and dealing with non-cooperation in daily routines. 

I give Melanie solutions, like introducing one-on-one time and sensory activities, prioritizing problem-solving situations, and reminding children that their parents are on their side.

We cover:

  • [3:49] When Melanie’s son gets lost in play and becomes physically aggressive
  • [5:58] Handling meltdowns at dinner
  • [12:53] Running in the street to the car
  • [16:28] Random acts of aggression
  • [21:31] Finding your own triggers and then knowing what to do about them
  • [30:20] Prevention tips of physical violence between the two boys
  • [37:00] Sensory issues
  • [46:40] Check in and update
  • [55:51] Eamon’s random acts of violence
  • [1:08:27] Helping Ben when he is tuning everything out

      Episode #135: Coaching with Melanie: Spirited Children, Big Feelings and Cooperation Issues

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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