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In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, Mary Van Geffen, a parenting coach, mom of spicy kids, and former marketing MBA executive, shares about her experiences and learnings from parent coaching. 

She explains the difference between a ‘spicy kid’ and a ‘spirited kid’, emphasizing that both include elements of overlap, but their understanding depends on the perspectives and expectations of the parents. 

Mary discusses methods of self-care for parents, the importance of creating healthy relationships within and beyond the family, and the power of maintaining a positive outlook towards your kid.

We cover:

  • [4:43] Definition of Spicy Ones
  • [6:33] The difference between Spicy and Spirited children
  • [10:53] What’s great about spicy kids
  • [12:13] Knowing what is truly important in your life and where boundaries need to be
  • [17:19] How did her mother deal with her growing up
  • [19:30] How has her relationship with herself changed through her parenting journey
  • [23:37] Building what she’s teaching other parents
  • [25:18] Best ways parents can support themselves
  • [30:35] Advice to her younger parent self

      Episode #138: Understanding and Loving Spicy Kids with Mary Van Geffen

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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