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In this week’s episode, I speak with Yolanda Wiliams, the woman behind Parenting Decolonized.

As a single mom, racial justice educator, and Positive Discipline Coach, Yolanda empowers parents with tools to decolonize their mindsets and divest from white supremacy in order to raise the next generation of emotionally-well, liberated, free-thinkers and in the process, form deeper more intentional relationships with their children.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What it means to decolonize parenting
  • How colonization shows up on a micro level in terms of parenting
  • Yolanda’s tips for anti-racist parenting
  • Why white supremacy hurts everybody
  • How white parents can have anti-racist conversations with their kids

She is unapologetically dedicated to serving the black parenting community, to celebrating the culture and beauty as often as she can, and to helping actors become accomplices in the fight for intersectional racial justice.

She started this work after having her first child at 37 years old and learning as much as she could about children and their brain development in 2017.

      Episode #14: Decolonizing Parenting and Raising Anti-Racist Children with Yolanda Williams

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