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In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, Sophie joins me for a coaching episode, where we cover the adoption of peaceful parenting techniques and emotional navigation in sensitive kids. 

Sophie is a single mother who’s transformed her parenting style to manage her sensitive son Peter’s big emotions effectively, leading to her growth as a confident parent. We talk about therapeutic strategies, coping mechanisms, and instilling responsibility in kids, especially with ADHD tendencies. 

We also talk about their family dynamics, highlighting the importance of tailored disciplinary actions, empathy, and tactful conversations.

We cover:

    • 3:43 The work we have done together
    • 6:20 Misunderstandings about attachment parenting
    • 11:09 Reparenting herself
    • 17:31 Sophie’s background as a sensitive person and how it affects her parenting
    • 24:34 Diving deeper into the problems surrounding getting out of the door in the morning
    • 29:45 Adjusting expectations
    • 37:16 How to get Peter to open up
    • 49:23 Two-week check in
    • 50:26 Update about her mental progress
    • 53:20 Using incentives
    • 58:50 Systems + resource for things completing tasks like cleaning a room
    • 1:01:56 Using money as a reward

        Episode #140: Coaching with Sophie: A Sensitive Kid, A Sensitive Mom and Their Journey of Transformation

        Download the episode transcript HERE

        Resources mentioned in this episode:

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