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“How do I get my kids to help out with chores?” This is a common question that I get from parents across my community, so I thought I would do an episode with some tips and tricks to help you encourage your kids to want to help out more around the house.


I share my top strategies and what has worked well for my family over the years. The information I’m sharing today is tried and true, and will serve as a stepping stone to your journey with chores!


“Should I give your kids specific jobs?” or “What do I do if they refuse?” This episode covers these questions and so much more.


If you like what you hear, be sure to share the episode with someone you know needs to hear it.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The main strategies to encouraging your kids to help with chores
  • Tips to motivate our kids to want to pitch in and help out
  • Why empowerment is a key tool
  • How to avoid power struggles in asking our kids for help with chores
  • Giving yourself appreciation when it feels like your child is unappreciative of your help

Episode #23: ‘Raising Helpful Kids: Navigating Chores’ with Sarah Rosensweet

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