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It can be scary to learn our kid has challenges that run deeper than what peaceful parenting can solve.

Realizing your child may need an assessment or may have something else going on behind the scenes can fill us with fear, worry and uncertainty.

This week’s episode is with Corey, a mom of two young boys, Big C who is 6 and neurodivergent and Little C who is 3.

Corey is also part of Team Sarah Rosensweet and is a former client. I invited her on to the podcast to talk about her experience with peaceful parenting and how it led to her son getting a proper diagnosis of sensory processing challenges, as well as a team to support him and their family.

Corey shares how her experience has enriched her and her family’s life in the most meaningful way. Of course there are still bad days and many challenges, but there are many blessings too.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How Corey faced a lot of challenges with big C, and felt isolated in parenting groups
  • Why traditional parenting techniques weren’t the answer
  • How her mindset and confidence transformed while working with Sarah
  • What led Corey to know that there was something more going on with big C
  • What a sensory diet is
  • The blessings that have come with getting Big C a proper diagnosis

Episode #24: Coaching call with Corey: When Peaceful Parenting Wasn’t Enough

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