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What do we do when our toddler wants our undivided attention but we have to take care of the baby? How do we make sure they know how special and loved they are without spreading ourselves too thin? 


This conversation is for all the parents or caregivers who are currently navigating this. Let me firstly remind you that you’re doing a great job!


I speak with Sarah, mom of two young girls, L. who is two and a half, and A. who is four and a half months old.

We dove deep into:

  • My tips for regulating our own emotions in moments of sensory-overload
  • Ways to connect with our kids that don’t involve being 1×1
  • Strategies to help our toddlers and babies connect
  • How to reframe when we’re being hard on ourselves

Episode #32: Coaching call with Sarah: The Challenges of Introducing A New Baby to A Toddler

Download the episode transcript HERE

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