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How do we inoculate our kids against anxiety?

What can we do to support their mental health as they grow? 

Lynn Lyons joins me for this episode to talk about the three skills that our kids need to have if we want them to have good mental health and avoid mental health challenges.

We cover:

  • Three big ideas as it relates to raising anxious kids 
  • How to talk to our kids about flexibility 
  • How to use a Flexibility Wall
  • The challenge of ensuring everything always goes according to plan
  • The effects on kids of being raised in an anxious environment
  • How to teach your kids to check in with themselves and assess dangerous situations on their own
  • The power in avoiding “why” questions with your kids

Lynn is a psychotherapist, author and speaker in Concord, New Hampshire. She has been in private practice for 28 years, and specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders in adults and children.

She travels globally as a speaker and trainer on the subject of anxiety, its role in families, and the need for a preventative approach at home and in schools.

Episode #35: Three Skills to Protect Our Kids’ Mental Health with Lynn Lyons

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