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How can we help our sensitive kids when they’re experiencing big emotions and get upset?


It’s not that they don’t want to share their emotions with us. They may be so overwhelmed that adding our emotions as parents on top of theirs can be even more triggering for them.


In this episode, I sit down with Julia, mom of two girls – L who is 8 and T who is 10. Julia shares how L is uncomfortable with her big feelings and working through them together.  

We cover:

  • [5:50] How sensitive kids sometimes shut down when experiencing big feelings 
  • [8:40] Defining emotional backpacks and leading with empathy 
  • [12:05] Challenging our own views of what supporting our kids should look like
  • [17:50] Making repairs out of our own need to do it
  • [27:20] How to ease tensions and incorporate Special Time
  • [34:30] Check in – the changes Julia experienced after our coaching call

Episode #44: Coaching Call with Julia: How to Help Sensitive Kids When They Get Upset

Download the episode transcript HERE

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