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In this episode, we’re exploring why we don’t need to stress out or fix it when our kids are unhappy about something. 


Life is a balance of happy and hard times. Our kids will experience these moments too as they grow older. It’s important to welcome and honor their feelings and emotions, even as we don’t want to see them suffering.


Supporting them through unhappy moments helps them become more resilient. 

We cover:

  • [1:10] Why parenting with the goal of happiness is troublesome 
  • [2:00] Why it’s hard for us to parent when our kids are unhappy
  • [6:00] How kids develop emotional resilience 
  • [7:50] Why unhappy kids don’t make us bad parents
  • [9:50] Being aware of the stories we tell ourselves

Episode #46: What To Do When Our Kids Are Unhappy with Sarah Rosensweet

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