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In this episode, Rachel Rainbolt joins us in talking about how to have more simplicity as a family. 

Our world is packed with stuff and activities, some of which we want and need, and a lot of which we don’t. Rachel teaches us tips to simplify our time and space so we can have more ease and joy.

Rachel, the founder of Sage Family, is a gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor. With a master’s degree in marital and family therapy, she has spent decades guiding thousands of overwhelmed families to peace and joy. Rachel works from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives wild and free in connection with her 3 wildlings and the papa bear in their fixer upper on the beach.

We cover:

  • [2:15] The case study that frames this conversation
  • [7:00] The simplicity mindset
  • [15:50] Why transitions are hard for kids
  • [17:20] Where to put yourself on your to do list
  • [22:00] How to help kids get rid of stuff
  • [26:20] The biggest blocks parents get when it comes to simplicity 
  • [29:45] Best practices for getting started with simplifying your space
  • [33:30] Reframing trying to ‘do it all’

Episode #52: How to Have More Simplicity as a Family with Rachel Rainbolt

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