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In this very special episode of The Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I have compiled a list of advice former podcast guests have shared about what they would say to their younger parent selves.


I know you will find this episode so inspiring. I’ve created a cheat sheet that you can download for free with all of my guests’ expert advice for you to reference. You can get it here: www.sarahrosensweet.com/guestexpertadvice

We cover:

  • [3:30] Dr. Laura Markham’s advice
  • [5:05] Ned Johnson’s advice
  • [7:30] Yolanda Williams’ advice
  • [9:31] Dayna Abraham’s advice
  • [10:55] Leslie Priscilla’s advice
  • [12:21] Dr. Sharon Saline’s advice
  • [13:50] Mr. Chazz’s advice
  • [15:50] Kristy Forbes’ advice
  • [17:35] Eve Rodsky’s advice
  • [19:30] Teacher Tom’s advice
  • [22:10] Iris Chen’s advice
  • [23:45] Lynn Lyons’ advice
  • [26:10] Julie Lythcott-Haims’ advice
  • [30:45] Janine Halloran’s advice
  • [33:00] Dr. Mona’s advice
  • [34:50] My advice to my younger self

Episode #55: One Year Anniversary: My Fave Experts Give Advice To Their Younger Parent Selves

Download the episode transcript HERE

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