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What is the impact of healing the relationship we have with our kids by healing ourselves?


It’s significant. When we start to understand why we have the beliefs and thoughts we do, and how it impacts our kids and relationships, it changes our outlook and how we approach our kids.


In this episode, Yvonne joins me for a coaching call to talk about how her relationship to herself has impacted the way she relates to her kids: Molly who is 7, and Fionntan who is 6. 

We cover:

  • [2:40] Yvonne’s upbringing and how it influences the topic for this conversation
  • [5:20] Getting pregnant unexpectedly
  • [7:50] How Yvonne’s emotional regulation has changed since the early years 
  • [11:10] Having conversations about repairs with our kids
  • [18:30] How to check in with your nervous system
  • [24:35] Two week check in: How it went for Yvonne
  • [32:20] The impact and importance of rest 
  • [41:40] Why we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves

Episode #56: Coaching with Yvonne: Healing Our Relationship with Our Kids by Healing Ourselves

Download the episode transcript HERE

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