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In this episode, I introduce you to Corey and Stoney, the two new Peaceful Parenting Coaches here at Sarah Rosensweet Peaceful Parenting. We chat about our peaceful parenting journeys as well as our most influential parenting books over the years.

We cover:

  • [1:45] Introducing Corey to the team
  • [3:10] Introducing Stoney to the team
  • [5:50] Sarah’s most influential parenting books
  • [8:35] Corey’s most influential parenting books
  • [13:00] Stoney’s most influential parenting books
  • [24:30] The importance of equal partnership
  • [32:50] What to do if you’re struggling with burnout 

Episode #58: Introducing Corey & Stoney and Our Most Influential Parenting Books

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