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Growth mindset is the antidote to perfectionism and giving up. It’s believing “I can’t do it… YET”


How can we help our children develop a growth mindset?


What are the strategies? What do we do when our kids just want to give up?


This episode is a look into my membership community, and joining us is Sheena Hill, a psychotherapist in private practice as a Responsive Parenting and Holistic Sleep Coach. She is a passionate advocate for children, families, development, attachment, and trauma and has been working with families for almost 20 years. 

We cover:

  • [6:45] Best practices when it comes to developing a growth mindset as it relates to parenting
  • [12:20] ‘Inviting’ your mistakes to the dinner table
  • [15:30] Shifting what ‘mistakes’ mean to us
  • [18:45] How to help our kids out of a negative mindset
  • [24:05] Tips for helping our kids when they’re spiraling 
  • [28:40] When to know if something is no longer serving our kids
  • [32:40] What to do when the school environment isn’t supportive or peaceful
  • [39:25] Setting expectations for different stages of our kids’ lives

She holds a masters degrees in Social Work and Education and trainings/certifications in SPACE, Neuroscience, Strengthening Families Program, The Nurturing Parenting Program, Hand in Hand Parenting, child passenger safety, and babyproofing.


After nearly a decade in the non-profit world, she made the shift to private practice in order to begin homeschooling. 

Episode #69: Helping Kids Develop A Growth Mindset with Sheena Hill

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