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In this episode, Stoney joins me on the podcast to answer a listener question about creating stress-free morning routines. 

Stoney is one of the peaceful parenting coaches on my team, and has great advice for you to implement to make your mornings more productive.

We cover:

  • [2:40] Stoney’s experience and work as a peaceful parenting coach
  • [3:35] This episode’s listener question
  • [6:35] Starting your bedtime routine as early as possible
  • [9:20] Setting yourself up for success the next morning
  • [13:00] Using a picture schedule 
  • [17:40] Simplifying breakfast time
  • [18:25] Using ‘play’ when we can
  • [26:40] Having the same wake time (even on weekends)

Download the episode transcript HERE

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