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How do we repair our inner child? How is it similar (or different) from reparenting ourselves?

In this episode, Dani Faust joins me to talk about inner child work, its impact on our parenting techniques, and how to learn manifestation techniques to give you the life you truly desire.

Dani is a dynamic hypnotherapist, energy healer and intuitive mindset coach that is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs manifest their best lives and businesses. Her coaching blends brain science and positive psychology with spiritual mindbody practices like meditation, breathwork and reiki.

We cover:

  • [3:10] How Dani got into the mindset and manifesting space
  • [5:40] What ‘reparenting’ is and why Dani doesn’t like that word
  • [8:20] Examples of inner child work
  • [9:35] Strategies to look at why we react the way we do
  • [11:40] Questions to ask to figure out what your inner child needs
  • [17:00] Daily practice recommendations for healing your inner child
  • [25:00] Manifestation tips for parents 
  • [26:10] Strategies to fill the gap between your present experience and your dream reality
  • [27:20] What gets in the way of people leveling up when it comes to manifestation
  • [33:10] Dani’s advice to her younger parent self

    Dani also hosts the podcast, Manifest It, Sis! She holds multiple coaching and energy healing certifications, a BS in Health/Psychology and is pursuing an MS/EdD in Performance Psychology.

    Download the episode transcript HERE

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