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In this episode, Lian joins me for a coaching call to discuss the challenges she’s facing with her four-year-old son.

Her son has been using swearing to communicate his frustration and big feelings. Lian also shares how his frustration often escalates from mean words to physical aggression.

I give her tips and strategies to help transform her son’s approach and behavior, and we make a plan for Lian and her husband moving forward. Be sure to listen in until the end to hear our check in.

We cover:

  • [0:50] What to do if your child uses profanity excessively 
  • [3:50] How Lian has tried putting limits on this issue so far
  • [6:10] Why we can’t ignore troubling behavior
  • [10:40] What to do if the behavior isn’t due to lack of attention
  • [12:50] The shame we feel as parents when our kids do something  humiliating 
  • [18:10] The ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ parent dichotomy
  • [20:45] Why the naughty behavior hasn’t crossed over into other areas of Lian’s son life
  • [23:50] How to handle your kid hitting you
  • [30:45] Tips for helping your child empty their emotional backpack
  • [36:05] How hard parenting really is on a marriage
  • [38:00] Check in with Lian
  • [42:15] Tips for empathizing with our kids
  • [48:00] Keeping an aggression log
  • [56:30] Why we should never ignore a child when they’re upset

Episode #87: Coaching with Lian: How to Handle Swearing and Hitting

Download the episode transcript HERE

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