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In this episode, Celeste and Jen join me on the podcast to talk about supporting LGBTQ kids, specifically if you’re part of a religion or way of living that does not affirm them.

Celeste is the executive director of Mama Dragons, which was created by Gina Crivello. Gina gathered a small group of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) mothers together as they navigated supporting their LGBTQ children in a culture that was not affirming. 

Since then, Mama Dragons has grown to become a leader in affirming parent education and offers support to more than 9,000 members worldwide.

We cover:

  • [6:50] What is Mama Dragons
  • [11:50] How Jen found out her son was gay, and what she did to navigate it
  • [15:20] The physical effects of coming out of ‘fight, flight of freeze’ mode
  • [19:10] The difference affirming parents make, and how you can affirm a child
  • [22:10] Parenting practices to adopt 
  • [24:30] What Jen wishes she knew about raising a gay son
  • [26:30] What Jen has learned working with Mama Dragons 
  • [29:10] The impact of growing up in a religious setting
  • [31:50] The importance of doing your own research and not getting caught up in misinformation
  • [33:10] Why people so threatened by the idea of LGBTQ people
  • [38:35] Advice both Celeste and Jen would give to their younger parent self

Episode #88: Supporting LGBTQ Kids with Celeste and Jen of Mama Dragons

Download the episode transcript HERE

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