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In this episode, Mark and Kanae, parents of two sons, aged five and three, join me to talk about the challenges they face together as partners in their relationship.

I first met Mark through my Transform Your Family Life Online Course (www.sarahrosensweet.com/parentingcourse), which is now open for enrollment and starts on Wednesday, March 1st. If you are listening to this episode after that, you can always get on the waitlist to be notified the next time it opens. 

Learn how to transform your communication and your family life in this conversation with Mark and Kanae.

We cover:

  • [5:30] The big transformation Peaceful Parenting brought Mark and Kanae 
  • [11:15] The challenges Mark and Kanae are facing parenting as partners
  • [13:30] Having a hard time being on the same page
  • [18:15] Empathy and shame and how they go hand in hand
  • [19:20] Challenging each other on not empathizing enough
  • [25:30] Projecting our own fears and insecurities onto our parenting
  • [28:50] Why being hard on your kids won’t make them not do that “bad” behavior again
  • [34:20] Breaking down old communication patterns in relationships
  • [43:15] Knowing and understanding that your partner is always worthy and loveable
  • [45:00] Acknowledging criticism and how partners should be supporting each other
  • [50:30] Mark and Kanae’s check in
  • [52:40] How diving into past stories and bringing them to the surface has transformed their parenting today

      Episode #90: Coaching with Mark and Kanae: Support Each Other as Partners and in Peaceful Parenting

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