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This episode is a coaching call with Kate, the mom of 11-year-old James.

She initially reached out wanting some coaching around James’ tendency to be a bit socially anxious. As you’ll hear in our conversation, he was hesitant to talk to people in new situations and hesitant to speak out in class.

I coached Kate on some strategies that she could use to help James. When we have kids who are a little bit anxious or anxious at all, we as parents are the ones who are best situated to help them.

Be sure to stay until the end, as we check in with Kate two months later and hear how the strategies and suggestions went for her and James.

We cover:

  • [3:40] The challenges James is facing when interacting with others
  • [6:30] Explaining the ‘worry brain’
  • [7:45] Getting your way into the worry brain
  • [8:50] Strategies to help kids understand the worry brain
  • [13:00] Our anti-anxiety phrase and recognizing the signs of anxiety 
  • [17:45] How to get ‘buy-in’ from our kids
  • [19:00] Two-month check in
  • [20:20] How James is coping today

      Episode #93: Coaching with Kate: How to Help Socially Anxious Kids

      Download the episode transcript HERE

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