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Parent Coaching with Sarah Rosensweet and Our Team, Corey and Stoney

Is this you?

The battles and stress are getting you down.

Your kids don’t listen and you’re worn out by the meltdowns.

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You shouldn’t have to count the minutes til the kids are asleep.

No one can push our buttons like our kids.

We understand the struggle and we know how hard you’re working.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

My team and I have helped thousands of parents like you go from overwhelmed and frustrated to, “We’ve got this.”

Work with us to get no-fail tools and actionable strategies to make parenting easier.

If you want a happy, peaceful family life…

If you want to be able to stay calm and feel good about your parenting…

If you want resilient, happy kids…

(who grow into teenagers who want to spend time with you!)

Let us help you.

Book a coaching session or a free short consult today.

Everyone says, “Kids don’t come with an instruction manual.”

But with Sarah as my coach I feel like I have a “troubleshooting guide.”  


mother of 3

Just a one hour call with Sarah made a big difference in my parenting and relationship with my daughter.

I feel so relieved!


mother of 2

peaceful parenting coaches

Our Team

Sarah meets initially with parents and together we decide which coach will be the best fit for you. Corey and Stoney are wonderful peaceful parenting coaches trained and supervised by Sarah. Whichever one of us we decide will be the best support for you, you will be getting loving and effective support. 

How It Works

In one-on one sessions conducted over Zoom, we will identify the issues that cause conflict in your family and work to resolve those issues.


In our coaching sessions, we will develop specific strategies to help you get on track. As you implement our strategies we will check in with each other on a regular basis to see how you are doing. We will support you through this process.

An empathic approach to parenting builds on that bond you so lovingly created with your baby. A strong, loving, mutually-respectful relationship helps create happy, confident and resilient kids who want to cooperate.

We Can Help You Get There

Let’s talk. Together we will find solutions that are just right for you and your family. Let’s hop on a call for a FREE 20 minute coaching session to learn how we can help.

Sarah has worked with both me and my husband to get us on the same parenting page. Before working with Sarah, I often found myself so overwhelmed that I would yell which would just lead the spiral downwards with both me and my kids feeling crappy. Sarah helped us with the tools we needed to respond rather than react to our kids, to pause and breathe. Life/parenting feels so much more manageable – and happier!


mother of 2

Shout out to Sarah Rosensweet who jumped on an emergency call with myself and my husband last week to chat about an ongoing issue we’re having with our 4 y.o. Sarah made time for us right away in her busy schedule, got us on the same page and feeling great about our strategy moving forward. She also got my husband (who can be a bit set in his ways) to look at things through the eyes of my son and work on creating a closer connection with him, which is so, so important to me.


mother of 2

Packages and Pricing

A La Carte Coaching

One hour with Sarah $250

One hour with Corey or Stoney $150

  • 60 minute coaching session

    Both include:

    • Recording and follow up notes and recommendations included
    • Phone or video call

    Perfect for you if you have one issue we can support and encourage you through.

    3 month Family Transformation Coaching Package

    Package with Sarah $1397*

    Package with Corey or Stoney $847*

    • 6 x 1 hour phone or video sessions, with recording
    • Follow up notes and recommendations for each session as needed
    • INCLUDES Voxer/email/voice memo support between sessions for extra support when you need it
    • BONUS: Sarah’s signature online parenting course, Transform Your Family Life ($397 value)


    This coaching package is perfect for parents who want to go deeper and really make significant changes in their lives.

    Maintenance Package

    Ongoing support from Sarah  $499

    Ongoing support from Corey or Stoney $347

    • 3 x 1 hour phone or video sessions, with recording
    • Follow up notes and recommendations for each session as needed
    • INCLUDES Voxer/email/voice memo support between sessions for extra support when you need it

    This package is for clients who have completed the Family Transformation Package

    In Home Coaching VIP Package

    In Home Parent Coaching Intensive $9997*

    • Sarah will travel to you and spend 3 days observing, trouble shooting and coaching you IN PERSON in your home
    • Sarah will stay off-site nearby and come to your house to give you custom in-person coaching
    • Including but not limited to: Morning routine, mealtimes and bedtime observation. Includes comprehensive plans and suggestions. She will also observe and make suggestions about any other challenging areas including sibling interactions, meltdowns or whatever else is keeping you up at night.
    • You’ll also be able to discuss with Sarah and get support with your own self-regulation challenges
    • INCLUDES: Two x 1 hour follow up sessions via Zoom after Sarah goes home to make sure that you are successful at implementing Sarah’s suggestions. ($500 value)
    • BONUS: Sarah’s signature online parenting course, Transform Your Family Life ($397 value)

    *Payment plans available.

    *Travel expenses outside of the Greater Toronto Area not included

    This coaching package is perfect for you if you’ve ever thought, “I wish Sarah could come and live with us!”

    My daughter and I were at a very low place, with both of us being completely disregulated frequently. It was a stressful time, and I still feel some guilt. But I got regular coaching with Sarah over about 6 months, and it made a TREMENDOUS difference. It was a lot of work, and a lot of steps backward, but now we are on the other side.

    It is so much easier to find the joy in parenting again.


    mother of 1

    After my first session with Sarah, I knew I was in good hands. At the time it was a huge investment for me but it has paid off in so many ways. I was able to grieve what felt like lost or wasted time. I was able to peel back the shame and guilt and step into being the mother I knew I was capable of being. She helped me to see through my son’s eyes and frame each situation through his eyes. She held my hand and treated me with respect. Sarah knows her stuff.


    mother of 1

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