Working with a parenting coach can give you the guidance and compassion you need to transform your parenting and change your life.

I’m Sarah Rosensweet. I’m a peaceful parenting coach– and a mama to 3 big kids (17, 14 and 11).

Do you want to stop the daily struggles but you don’t know where to start?
Do you want to stop fighting and feel close to your child again?
Do you have a challenging child or situation and nothing is working?

I can help you become the parent you want to be.

Peaceful parenting is a non-punitive, connection based approach that employs kind, firm limits with lots of empathy. It’s also the best way to raise a child into a responsible, resilient, empathic and happy adult.

I help parents of toddlers-to-tweens turn philosophy into practice with solutions for real-life struggles such as bedtime battles, picky eaters, sibling rivalry, tantrums and meltdowns, and power struggles. I’m an API certified parenting educator and a certified Aha! Peaceful Parenting Coach with Dr. Laura Markham.

As your parenting coach, I can help you turn philosophy into practice with tailor-made solutions for real life application and give you the support, guidance and compassion you need.

parenting coach Sarah Rosensweet
I sought help from Sarah after battles with my daughter that ended in either yelling or tears…or both. Working with Sarah, I learned how to address conflict within my family. Her empathy and kindness for our situation was so heartwarming and I felt so comfortable opening up. Sarah makes you feel like she gets it. She has worked with me to see why things are the way they are and how my childhood affects the way I parent. Thanks to Sarah, I am having an easier time talking myself into calm and out of anger while simultaneously coaching my children through their upset. I can finally envision a more peaceful family. Thank you, Sarah!! Liz

mother of 3

How it works: In one-on one sessions conducted on the phone or via Skype, we will identify the issues that cause conflict in your family and work to resolve those issues.

Packages and Prices: Parent coaching is available in 2 different coaching packages. After an initial 2 session or 6 session package, you are free to sign up for single sessions at my hourly rate of $150/hour. 

2 Session Package


  • 2 X 1 hour phone sessions
  • follow up notes

Perfect for you if you have 1 issue I can support and encourage you through.

6 Session Package


  • 6 X 1 hour phone sessions
  • PLUS email support
  • INCLUDES mini-sessions (5 minutes or less) for extra support when you need it

This coaching package is perfect for parents who want to go deeper and really make significant changes in their lives.

The benefits to you? Empathetic support and a clear way forward to make life with your kids easier. You can become the parent you want to be and enjoy your kids again.

In our coaching sessions we will develop specific strategies to help you get on track. As you implement our strategies we will check in with each other on a regular basis to see how you are doing. I will support you through this process.
An empathic approach to parenting builds on that bond you so lovingly created with your baby. A strong, loving, mutually-respectful relationship helps create happy, confident and resilient kids who want to cooperate.

I can help you get there. Let’s talk. Together we will find solutions that are just right for you and your family. Get me on the phone for a FREE 20 minutes coaching session to see how I can help.

Click on the button below to request a FREE 20-minute coaching call with me. I want to support YOU.