Peaceful Parenting 101: What, Why, How 

Peaceful parenting doesn’t mean the kids are in charge! Learn exactly what Peaceful Parenting is, why it’s important and how to apply it. I’ll teach you how to set kind, firm limits and get kids to cooperate using lots of empathy and support. Peaceful parenting is the best approach to raise resilient, successful, happy and emotionally intelligent kids.
Bring your questions and challenges to this interactive workshop.
Space is limited.
For parents of 2- 10 year olds.
Cost: $75 per person -or- per couple
What parents are saying– 
“I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge impact your workshop had on me as a parent. Things with my two sons age 3 and 5 have dramatically improved. They aren’t perfect, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement by shifting my own mindset and getting to know my own triggers. 
The Monday after your workshop, I used your tips to stay calm through the morning chaos, stand my ground with the constant distractions of toy playing etc., when getting out the door in a calm way and we were actually 10 minutes early leaving. It felt great! Thank you so much!”
“Your workshop has been life changing! We have incorporated so many strategies that you taught us. We still have our moments but nothing like what it was before. I had no idea peaceful parenting would work as well as it does. Thank you again. 
You honestly have given us strategies that make life and parenting fun again!”
“Thank you so very much for the workshop (and followup resources!)
Already I’m feeling like I understand where my kid is at and what my role can be so much better. It’s been not even 24 hours and already I can feel a (positive!) shift in my parenting. Thank you!!”
“It has been work to incorporate the strategies into our life but we are so glad that we have started. We already see a difference in our daughter just from us changing our parenting approach. This workshop seriously has been life changing!!! Thank you so much :)”
– Michelle
Sarah Rosensweet is a peaceful parenting coach and educator. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 12, 15, and 18).
Cost: $75 per person -or- per couple

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Sarah’s workshop gave a lot of clarity to the murky world of what children need and why they behave certain ways. She helped me understand how effective operating from compassion could be in terms of meeting both my expectations and my children’s. Within a day I saw changes in how I brought myself to my children and how they responded. It’s been absolutely incredible. Sarah is a warm, nurturing, compassionate person who understands what drives kids’ needs and behaviours biologically, psychologically, and physiologically, and her insights and suggestions as to how to meet those needs and work with those behaviours in order to foster good connection and empathy have been invaluable. The day after the workshop, I recommended her to several people and can’t wait to take her workshop again. Jenna

mother of 2

After the workshop we just had the BEST morning with the kids- using different language, focusing on the connection- a whole new approach and view of parenthood with smiles on all of our faces until we walked out the door. Your workshop was not only fun, but INFORMATIVE. I now have some new strategies to handle those moments where I thought wow, i’ve used up all my tricks! It’s changed the way I view the harder moments of parenting. Skip the evening of me-time, and GO TO THE WORKSHOP. Angela

mother of 2