Coaching and Accountability Group (Tuesday 7 PM EDT)




Welcome <3 and congratulations for taking the brave step toward becoming a more peaceful parent (and giving yourself some loving and compassionate support to get there!)

Join me and a small group of other parents for weekly video calls to hold each other’s hands (and hold each other accountable each week!) during the 12 week Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids online course.

Peaceful parenting is not easy, but it’s much harder when you feel you are doing it alone. Our weekly video group call will connect you to other parents on the same journey. You will support each other, challenge each other, and keep each other on track with me as your guide during our weekly video calls over the 12 weeks of the course.

I know how hard this is and I also know that it is so worth it! You can do this! 🙂

(FYI – The first time I offered this group was in September and both groups were an amazing success. The mamas in both groups asked if we could continue when the 12 weeks were over. They didn’t want the support and inspiration they were getting to end. It was that great!)

Let’s join together in compassion and community and provide support and accountability for each other. We will finish the course together and work through any parenting challenges that you are currently struggling with or that come up along the way.

I’m a peaceful parenting coach, mom of 3 big kids (11, 14 and 18) and I’ll be your leader, coach and cheerleader along the way.

We will meet by videoconference weekly for 12 weeks for 1.5 hours. I will provide a recording of each session (should you miss one or just want to review.)

Each week will cover the accompanying week of the PPHK course topic. We will discuss the readings, the lecture and the homework, as well as a chance to share what’s going on with you and your kids and get feedback and support from me and the other parents in the group.

Cost is a $497 USD That is only $40 a week! Read the testimonials below and decide if that sounds like a wise investment in yourself, your children and your family <3

SPACE IS LIMITED to maximum of 6 participants

When: Tuesdays starting April 16 @ 7 pm EDT (New York) (1.5 hours)


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