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With all the talk about New Year’s resolutions, I’m wondering how I can help my kids with setting goals and sticking with them. They are 4 and 8. My eight-year-old begged to play hockey, but now that we’re a few games in, he doesn’t want to go.


Experts agree that high levels of resilience are not only necessary for achieving our goals, but also a strong predictor of success and satisfaction in life. Resilience is recovering after a setback, or not giving up when things get hard. It sounds like you are concerned that your child is lacking resilience. I think many of us can relate. The good news is that are many ways you can help your kids become more resilient.

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Sarah Rosensweet is a peaceful parenting coach and educator. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 12, 15, and 18). Sarah teaches parents a non-punitive, connection-based approach that uses firm limits with lots of empathy. Find her at sarahrosensweet.com