Yay!! Your parenting superpower is “Self-Regulation”


I see you. Staying calm and maintaining a scream-free home is a priority for you. 

You know that responding from a place of anger doesn’t help anyone, and you choose to focus on regulating your own emotions so you can respond calmly to the situation rather than react…

…staying calm when your child screams (even when they yell, “You’re the meanest mommy in the world.”)

… keeping your cool while toys are thrown (even when it’s the third time that morning) 

maintaining your patience (even if it feels like they’re not listening or cooperating to anything you ask)

Give yourself a pat on the back. Staying calm while raising kids takes consistent work and you’re doing it! Well done!

go ahead and brag a little… 

and then keep reading MORE about your superpower! 

[Hit pause a sec! Doesn’t sound like you? This is just an online quiz so if you’re feeling like you took a wrong turn, check out the other parenting superpowers right here.]

Check in with yourself…

There’s a sneaky trap that parents whose superpower is ‘self-regulation’ may fall into — so it’s time for a quick self-check in.

Big feelings can be hard. Most of us have a hard time with emotion, and when faced with meltdowns and misbehaviour, we might want to shut them down.

Sure, you remain calm but it’s because you might be… 

…going into control mode and telling your child to “Suck it up, Buttercup” 

…giving in to whatever your child is upset about just so they’ll stop already!

If you’ve fallen in this trap, you’re not alone.

There are two peaceful parenting strategies that you might love: 


Welcome and allow feelings

Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that these feelings will pass. You can handle them and so can your child. Your loving presence as they feel safe to share their big emotions is what enables them to develop emotional resilience.

Use empathic limits

If you have to say no to an ice cream, rather than change your mind at the first sign of tears, let your child cry over the disappointment. Empathize with them and remember what it’s like to be disappointed and powerless. That’s what they feel like! The more compassionate you can be, the easier it’ll be for your child to get to the softer feelings and tears under the anger.

So, what’s peaceful parenting anyway?


Peaceful parenting is an approach that uses kind, firm limits with lots of empathy.

We’re in charge but we give kids the support they need to meet our expectations. We emphasize connection and prioritize our relationship with our kids.

Because guess what?

Our relationship is the most effective way we can influence our kids.

And as a parent with solid self-regulation skills, you’ve got what it takes to build a long-lasting great relationship with yours.

Meet your peaceful parenting coach, Sarah

Meet your peaceful parenting coach, Sarah

I’m a mom of three teenagers who care what I think.** 

And it’s because of peaceful parenting… 

**That’s 90% of the equation for raising great kids you want to spend time with (and who want to spend time with you!) 

I give you the peaceful parenting tools and strategies you need to know and the love and support you need to implement them.

Whether you’re being driven around the bend by kids who don’t listen until you yell, or feel like getting anyone to do anything is like pulling teeth, you are in the right place.  

It is possible to enjoy your kids and be the parent you want to be. 

You CAN go from overwhelmed and frustrated to “I’ve got this”.

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xx Sarah


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