Hey I’m Sarah, peaceful parenting coach and educator.

I teach parenting workshops in Toronto and virtually, and speak at schools and daycares to parent communities.

(Tell your Ontario public school Parent Council that they can access a grant to bring me to your school! All the info here.)

Send me an email (below) to be notified of upcoming workshops or to arrange one for your community.

Upcoming workshops:

“Welcoming a New Baby: Helping Your Older Child Adjust” at The Baby Show April 15. More info and tickets here.

Want to be notified of upcoming workshops? Interested in a private workshop for your group or organization? Want to host an intimate workshop for a group of your friends? Email me for more information.

Parent educator Sarah Rosensweet will present both the causes of and solutions for common parenting challenges. Solutions will be from a peaceful parenting perspective and include specific how-to’s for each challenging area. Bring your questions as we will save time for a Q and A and discussion. For parents of toddlers through young school age.

Come to one of my scheduled public workshops, invite me to present at your organization, or host an intimate gathering in your own home. Email sarah@sarahrosensweet.com for more info

Sarah’s workshop gave a lot of clarity to the murky world of what children need and why they behave certain ways. She helped me understand how effective operating from compassion could be in terms of meeting both my expectations and my children’s. Within a day I saw changes in how I brought myself to my children and how they responded. It’s been absolutely incredible. Sarah is a warm, nurturing, compassionate person who understands what drives kids’ needs and behaviours biologically, psychologically, and physiologically, and her insights and suggestions as to how to meet those needs and work with those behaviours in order to foster good connection and empathy have been invaluable. The day after the workshop, I recommended her to several people and can’t wait to take her workshop again. Jenna

mother of 2

After the workshop we just had the BEST morning with the kids- using different language, focusing on the connection- a whole new approach and view of parenthood with smiles on all of our faces until we walked out the door. Your workshop was not only fun, but INFORMATIVE. I now have some new strategies to handle those moments where I thought wow, i’ve used up all my tricks! It’s changed the way I view the harder moments of parenting. Skip the evening of me-time, and GO TO THE WORKSHOP. Angela

mother of 2