Stop Yelling At Your Kids

a free how-to with 21 days of tools & support

You want to stop yelling at your kids but- you’re frazzled, tired and stressed- you’re going to be late AGAIN.

Despite your best intentions- “How many times do I have to say it?!? It’s time to go- GET DRESSED!!”

Sad scared faces look up at you.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t lose it on your kids for- well, being kids- but you turn into a shouty mess before you even realize what’s happening. now you just want to cry.

If you’re tired of beating yourself up and feeling like the worst mama ever- here’s help: the Stop Yelling How-To.

How it works: I send you an email every day for 3 weeks. (It takes time to make lasting change!) You make the commitment to show up and work hard.

Each email contains strategies, tips, encouragement and support to make your stop yelling goal a reality. You’ll also get bonus download tools and other fun stuff and access to a private Facebook page for extra support from me and other parents on this journey.

It’s not easy to stop yelling at your kids but you can do it. I will show you how- and support you along the way.

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