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In this episode, Sonali Vongchusiri joins me to discuss needs and boundaries for both parents and children.

In traditional parenting, we are taught that the needs of our children come after our own needs – but what if they can both co-exist together?

Sonali is a parent guide and the founder of the beloved Raising Your Strong-Willed Child series. She possesses a unique style that incorporates her own experiences as a sensitive, high-needs child who later became a parent to a highly sensitive, strong-willed child. Sonali combines heart-centered and empowering parenting approaches to help parents become aware of the underlying challenges causing unrest in their relationships. Her true passion lies in supporting parents to rediscover trust, connection, confidence, and delight in themselves and their bond with their child.

We cover:

  • [4:50] Growing up as a highly sensitive child
  • [8:40] How Sonali supports parents as a parenting coach
  • [9:30] Understanding our needs and core values as parents
  • [12:40] M&M Respect
  • [15:00] Holding two ideas in our minds at the same time
  • [20:00] Acknowledging the ‘whole person’
  • [27:00] How acknowledging our child changes their response to us
  • [29:50] The ‘no’ game
  • [34:50] Investigating the ‘no’
  • [41:30] Empowerment through empathy
  • [46:35] Advice to her younger parent self

Highly sensitive and intuitive, Sonali finds breaking through barriers to be enjoyable. She believes in the wisdom and presence of both children and parents during their interactions. Originally from the US with Indian origin, Sonali now resides in Bangkok. Her albinism gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to see people in ways they might not see themselves.

In her free time, you can find Sonali jogging at the park or attending dance classes. She loves singing loudly while listening to music with her headphones on. Rain holds a special place in her heart, as she finds solace in the sensation of a downpour soaking through her clothes, enabling her to completely let go. Sonali and you will get along well if you share her love for chocolate and her aversion to mixing it with fruit. Most importantly, Sonali is living proof that repairing any fractured relationship with one’s child is entirely possible.

      Episode #114: Needs and Boundaries for Parents and Children with Sonali Vongchusiri

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