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In this episode, Julie Bogart joins me to talk about homeschooling: the positives, the challenges and advice for parents looking to potentially homeschool their children. We also discuss learning in general. You’ll want to listen to this whether you homeschool or send your kids to school!

Julie Bogart is the creator and proprietor of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program.

She holds a deep passion for writing, a genuine affection for children, and a strong appreciation for parents. Julie sees her involvement with these three aspects as a fortuitous and delightful convergence of her affections, which she experiences on a daily basis. 

We cover:

  • [6:20] Parents yearning for cooperation from their kids
  • [7:45] Why kids are craving self-loyalty
  • [13:35] Factors to consider when you’re thinking about homeschooling
  • [15:40] My experience as a “failed homeschooler”, and why it’s ok
  • [19:30] Advice for parents who are homeschooling and feel like they can’t get their kids to focus on schoolwork
  • [23:55] Have Julie’s grandkids been homeschooled?
  • [27:20] Why our best work as parents is to ensure happiness and reduce pressure
  • [31:35] Misconceptions about homeschooling 
  • [33:10] Homeschooling vs. unschooling 
  • [35:15] Kids who aren’t meeting the benchmark that the school system has set
  • [41:30] Advice for parents on how to support their child who doesn’t like school 
  • [45:55] Advice to her younger parent self

In her earlier professional journey, she invested time in the realm of professional writing, engaging in activities such as editing, ghostwriting, and freelancing. However, as her children approached the stage of transitioning from pencil control to self-expressive writing, Julie’s inclination shifted towards coaching. This transformation was driven by her recognition that she found the most fulfillment in guiding and facilitating the emergence of original thoughts in others.

        Episode #117: Raising Lifelong Learners - At Home or At School with Julie Bogart

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