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Have you heard the term ‘stable misery’? 


It’s Dr. Lynyetta Willis’s term to describe the ‘in-between’ space we sometimes experience as parents: The house isn’t burning down but things aren’t great.


In this episode, Dr. Willis joins me for a conversation about how to break out of stable misery.


As a psychologist and family empowerment coach, Dr. Lynyetta Willis, helps frustrated families stop Stable Misery® cycles or unhelpful patterns that keep them stuck, so they can create more joy in their parenting or partnerships. Her Triggered to Transformed® Parent Coaching Program has helped parents all over the world to confidently deal with their triggers so they can pass on the best parts of themselves and enjoy parenting more.

We cover:

  • [2:40] How Dr. Lynyetta became a family empowerment coach
  • [3:45] What stable misery is
  • [5:55] How to recognize when you’re in stable misery
  • [9:00] The Five Paths Framework
  • [21:10] Tips to get in touch with your feelings and emotions
  • [27:20] The difference between stressors and triggers
    • [40:20] Dr. Lynyetta’s advice to her younger parent self 

    Episode #57: Breaking Out of Stable Misery with Dr. Lynyetta Willis

    Download the episode transcript HERE

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